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    Ranking of Accreditation of Study Programs at International Women University
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Akademik International Women University (IWU) Indonesia.

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The National Summit of International Relations Students in Indonesia (PNMHII) XXIX "Optimizing the C

PNMHII events started with an opening ceremony containing traditional Pasundan cultural performances, speeches, dinners and official opening of PNMHII. This event was held at Grand Pasundan Convention Hotel, 19-23 November 2017. International Women University (IWU) delegated Nur Azizah Ramadanti (2015) and Hana Nursopiah (2016). The next day the event started with a national seminar titled in accordance with the 29th PNMHII. After the seminar finished each delegation has separated to each chamber, the PNMHII this time HI IWU sent a delegation to participate in a two-day Forum Session at Grand Pasundan Hotel Ballroom where in those two days there are many agenda consisting of 3 plenary session. At this 29th Meeting of Forum PNMHII this year's HMHI IWU has been officially inaugurated as the permanent member of FKMHII under coordination of Region III.

The inaguration consists of many agenda, in the forum session, such as the discussion of 29th PNMHII Host Dynamics, 29th LPJ PSNMHII at UNJANI, Update and Endorsement of FKMHII’Book, FKMHII Milestone and Legacies Report, Percentage of other Chamber results in PNMHII and ending with the inauguration of the National Presidium of each Region coordination for the period 2017-2018. The important thing is the determination of host of PNMHII to XXX year 2018 which won the voting, namely UNIVERSITAS SOEDIRMAN, Purwokerto. After the activity of each chamber ends on the third day of the City Tour is held where the tour includes the Town Square of Bandung, Museum of the Asian-African Conference and Bandung City Hall, One of the City Tour agenda this time broke the record that is Playing Musical Instruments Traditional Karinding PNMHII delegates. After the end of the city tour event the last event series is the  Closing Ceremony. The Closing ceremony contains activities, such as traditional Pasundan cultural performances, banquets, awarding PNMHII delegates and finally closed with some guest music performances.

By following this activity, IWU expects new insight about International Relations from many delegates that can be used as a source of reference in HI studies, in addition to contributing significantly through various chamber held to produce solutions for the issues raised theme. Especially for HMHI IWU who has become a permanent member of FKMHII, this participation illustrates the spirit of HI IWU to promote FKMHII, where HMHI IWU also hopes to make FKMHII in the future as a comparative study tool in an organization based on the International relation.







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