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IWU menjalin kerjasama dengan beberapa universitas luar negeri dan perusahaan.

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Akademik International Women University (IWU) Indonesia.

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Smart Power in International Relations

PNMHII (Pertemuan Nasional Mahasiswa Hubungan Internasional se-Indonesia) or The National Meeting of Indonesian International Relations Students is the annual agenda of the International Student Communication Forum of Indonesia (FKMHII) which serves as an interaction of international relations students from all over Indonesia. Before starting the PNMHII event, there will be pre core event discussion activities such as PSNMHII (Pertemuan Sela Nasional Mahasiswa Hubungan Internasional se-Indonesia), PSNMHII XXIX was held at Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani, Bandung, 7 - 11 Mei 2017. International Women University (IWU) delegated Adesta Sheila Karolin (2016), Hana Sopiyah (2016), Ayu Wantika (2016), Annisa Nurul Fitria (2016). The Purpose and Goals of Event : Trough the PSNMHII XXIX, students will be critical and know the composition to use hard power and soft power in international relations. The policy that has been determined in the forum session is expected to be implemented the campus of each participants. 
IWU delegates are so proud to join PSNMHII XXIX. PSNMHII teach us to learn something new about International Relations, make friends to outstanding student of International Relations in Indonesia. We hope that PSNMHII can be influence to every International Relations student especially to sharing about the experiences and knowledges in International Relations studies. We caring about issues and try to solve the problem based on our foreign policy. To IWU, Join PSNMHII make IWU get any legitimate in FKMHII and IWU can show the idea, more contribute both national and international events or conference.

Smart Power in International Relations

Smart Power in International Relations

Smart Power in International Relations

Smart Power in International Relations

Smart Power in International Relations


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