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Akademik International Women University (IWU) Indonesia.

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Empowerment of women became an important characteristic of the progress of human civilization. Recognition of the rights of women born from a holistic view of human nature and the nature of women as the moral anchor of human civilization .

Many people paid special attention to women's empowerment . It is not driven by sexist views , or sectarianism in development, nevertheless it is based on factual issues which are hindering women in many countries . The reality of women's lives are far from the image that is attached to him is the inequality which is easily found in many places .

In Indonesia , women make up the majority population. Nevetheless the role that women have not been commensurate with their potential . Even the problems which are hindering women are often not resolved completely.

Empowering women to be the credo of Indonesia as well as current political jargon. Policies that specifically aims to encourage increased participation and advancement of women placed as a strategic program. Legal protection and elimination of all forms of discrimination against women has become an instrument of women's political development .

Legal instruments and political presence is not important, but it has been proven to not necessarily bring justice for women almost in all fields . Due to this, women's empowerment , which is based on the development potential that encourage initiative, self affirmation and strengthening of networks for the dissemination of views of gender -sensitive perspective into an important instrument of strengthening the role of women as subject to change .

Birth of International Women University is driven by its deep concern over various issues that are still wrapped around women due to unequal relations between women with different variables of life . Nevertheless, the International Women's University will not be stuck on sectarian views with advancing Divine perspective for the development of every human nature


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