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Science and Arts Workshop Activities (Biology Study Program and DKV)

Tuesday, February 22, 2021 International Women University held a Science and Arts Workshop (Biology Study Program and DKV) with the theme "Plant Forms & Anatomy: The Botanical Art"
The participants of this workshop totaled 116 participants, consisting of IWU Biology Students, IWU Visual Communication Design Students, and other major students. And also because this workshop was opened to the public, there were also many participants who came from SMA / SMK / MA students and external institutions / agencies of the IWU campus.
The objectives of this workshop are as follows, namely: Providing insight to students and the wider community about Botanical Art and Fostering a sense of love for students and the community for native Indonesian flora and the desire to preserve.


Attended by Dr. Hafsah, S.Si., M.IL as Resource Person I and Aldian Primanda, S.Sn., M.Sn as Resource Person II.


The material presented was entitled Botanical Art
Is that?
Botanical art is an art genre that combines botanical studies and fine arts. More than just a painting, botanical painting takes the object of various parts of the plant, from the leaves, fruit seeds, the whole body of the plant, to other detailed details. Every detail must be accurate from the point of view of botanical science, and at the same time have an aesthetic value that is able to thrill both the painter and the viewer.
Through this workshop entitled the art of botany, we hope that this botanical art can make people more familiar with native Indonesian flora, and after getting to know them, they become affectionate and arise a desire to preserve it. Because at the same time this workshop was held in a rare sense of community service.



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