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Webinar Activity in Pinterest Style Room Decorating Session 1

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 The Interior Design Study Program and the Directorate of Alumni and Career Student Affairs International Women University held a workshop on decorating bedrooms for beginners with the theme "Decorating Rooms in the Style of Pinterest". The plan of this workshop will be held in 2 sessions over 2 weeks.

The first session of this workshop was attended by 72 participants consisting of IWU students and also general participants from external IWU campuses.


Attended by Ms. Ananda Parameswari, S.Ds., MBA as the main resource person who gave an explanation of how to make a bedroom more comfortable with Fengshui topography, which believes in how humans and heaven and earth can live in harmony to help improve life by receiving Qi positive. Because Qi exists in nature as an invisible energy, which is all in every bedroom furniture.

Because having a comfortable bedroom is a must in human life, because a room sometimes functions as a place to release fatigue and other activities besides as its main function, namely to rest. Therefore, the arrangement or direction of decoration for the bedroom is very necessary so that people who occupy the room can feel more comfortable.

There are lots of suggestions and tips on decorating rooms that can be applied to make the room comfortable and attractive. To find interesting decoration inspiration, Pinterest is indeed one of the best sources, because by "diving" into Pinterest, we can find creative ideas from all over the world, including matters of interior decoration. who doesn't want to have a Pinterest-style room that is aesthetic, neat, clean and authentic?

What is no less important is the color selection of each ornament in the bedroom, which can be seen on the Color Pallete, from which we as beginners can be guided even though we don't even have a background as design people.


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