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    Ranking of Accreditation of Study Programs at International Women University
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Akademik International Women University (IWU) Indonesia.

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SBMPTN Tryout and Webinar Activities in 2021 "Tips for Success and Strategies to Pass the 2021 SBMPT

Wednesday, March 13, 2021 Student Association together with IWU University held a 2021 SBMPTN Tryout and Webinar "Tips for Success and Strategies to Pass the 2021 SBMPTN"

The participants of this workshop totaled 70 participants, consisting of IWU University students. And also because this is open to the public, there are also many participants who come from SMA / SMK / MA students as well as external institutions / agencies of the IWU campus.

The SBMPTN Tryout and Seminar is one of the Student Association ID programs which aims to provide provisions for SMA / SMK / MA equivalent students to be better prepared to take the SBMPTN test as a first step towards the desired tertiary institution. The SBMPTN Tryout & Seminar which was held carried the theme "Tips for Success & Strategies to Pass the 2021 SBMPTN" and presented extremely interesting speakers. With the implementation of this event, it is hoped that it will be of use to the participants in increasing their knowledge and regarding the selection of the SBMPTN test.

The speakers in question are Enik Sri Ernawati (2019 SBMPTN fighter) and Moh. Anas Ariffudin, S.pd, CH. C. HT. CT. CM. CT. OSB (Director of Action Training Indonesia) as the main speaker. Then there are also Nur Ayu Bihra (IWU University Student) and Dr. Musa Yosep, S.IP., M.AK (KIP College Team and Person in Charge of the Ministry of Education and Culture's Excellence Scholarship) as special speakers at the Tryout and Webinar this time.

Providing motivation or advice and success tips as well as a success strategy to pass the 2021 SBMPTN to those who register. There was also an explanation regarding the SBMPTN registration flow followed by a TPS and TPA Tryout at the end of the event.


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