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IWU menjalin kerjasama dengan beberapa universitas luar negeri dan perusahaan.

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Akademik International Women University (IWU) Indonesia.

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9 Advantages In IWU

1. Double Degree and Joint Degree Program

International Woman University (IWU) made partnership with Ewha Woman University (Korsel), Philippine Woman’s University (PWU), Youngsan University Korea (YSU), Phetchaburi Rajabat University Thailand, Hirosima International Business College Japan for organized Double Degree/Joint Degree program and Transfer Credit. The aim of this program is to give an opportunity for Indonesian students to be able to study abroad with Double Degree and Joint Degree Program. There are several advantages for students if they join this program, such as getting two degrees, being able to master a foreign language, getting opportunities to work in overseas industry. By joining this program students will study in International Women University and one of overseas universities which cooperate with the International Women University.

2. Dual System Program

Combination system of lectures in International Women University at 1st,2nd,4rd,6th,8th semester with lectures coming from industrial world at 3rd,5th,7th semester. The aim of this program is to give benefits, such as to increase academic ability and non-academic ability. With this kind of lecturing model, students will get benefit in the form of increasing both academic and non academic factors gained directly from the industrial world. When they finish their study students have already obtained competency relevant to the users

3. English Competency

Mastery of foreign languages, especially English became compulsory curriculum for students of International Women University. English proficiency will be given continuously for 8 semesters and competency test will be conducted in the form of the TOEFL test, IBT or IELTS. Good foreign language skills provide ample opportunity for International Students at International Women University to participate in the International Affairs which becomes traits that make IWU as Word Clas University.

4. Korean Language Competency

International Women University students are given ample opportunity to participate in Korean language education for 4 (four) semesters with faculty member coming from the Government of South Korea. The program as a prerequisite for the Double Degree program / Joint Degree between International Women University and Ewha Woman University of Korea and Youngsun University of Korea. Giving the opportunity to continue their studies to Korea for 2 (two) years, followed by an opportunity for students to join an internship in Corporate / Industry at Korea. Therefore, the student must pass Korean language competency (TOPIK).

5. Japanesse Language Competency

In addition to Korean language, International Women University Students are also given the opportunity to participate in a wide selection of Japanese language education for 4 (four) semesters in cooperation with the Government of Japan. The program as a prerequisite for the Double Degree program / Joint Degree, International Credit Transfers between the International Women University and Hiroshima Business Collage Japan. Giving the opportunity to continue their studies in Japan for 2 (two) years, followed by an opportunity for students to follow an internship in Corporate / Industry of Japan. Therefore, the student must pass competency Japanese.

6. Information Technology Competency

Development in the field of information technology and the rapid spread of it into almost every element life requires every student at the International Women University posseses Information Technology adequate capabilities. Capabilities in Information Technology will given for 8 semesters as compulsory subjects and supplemented by information technology competency test developed by the International Women University.

7. Character building

At the beginning of the course each student will be given character building and leadership as a means of forming a virtuous character scrubs and foster leadership. This program will be carried out professionally by the International Women University in collaboration with competent partners in the field. In implementing Tri Darma University, every student has an opportunity to develop their creative potentiality and establish the national paradigm.

8. Enterpreneur

Indonesian natural resources and enormous technological advances need talented people to recognize, formulate new ways to produce more value than a product. Carefulness will realize creative ideas needed to be developed through Entrepreneurship education) which has good system. Entrepreneur Education in International Woman University is a compulsory subject that should be taken by all students. As expected with the implementation of entrepreneurs as compulsory subjects will produce tough new entrepreneurship. tough enterpreur embodiment for students will be facilitated by a business incubator, cooperation with VEDCA Cianjur

9. Superior Personality

Women interpreted as a source of knowledge . Women even described as the " Pillar of the State" . Therefore, it takes a talented, patient , friendly , caring, disciplined , clean , honest , hard working human being, and willing to sacrifice for others. Character education at the International Women University civilizes " Clean and Green Campus " these values must be obeyed by the academic community at IWU. Embodiment of clean and green campus courses are facilitated by administration supporters " personal communication and social communication so as to form an effective communication in various fields. This will foster the emotional closeness of the relationship between people in order to achieve prosperity and peace of the people.


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